Welcome to Reasons Eating Disorder Center where we understand that there are reasons for your eating disorder and the thoughts that make it difficult for you to see your life any other way. These reasons may be powerful and hard to change. We hope to help you discover new reasons and develop new thoughts.

Levels of Care

Reasons EDC, located in Rosemead and Pasadena, California (just outside of Los Angeles), offers eating disorder treatment programs for males and females, adolescents and adults who suffer from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge-Eating and related forms of disordered eating. We offer inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs for the treatment of eating disorders.

Philosophy of Healing

While rooted firmly in the medical model of eating disorder treatment, our goal is to create a culture of deep healing that nurtures the integration of body and mind through the daily practice and continual reinforcing of the balancing ideas of Doing and Being.

Lunch & Learn ~ Nutrition in Today's World

A Reasons Educational Event presented by Lisa Arroyas, RD, Director of Nutrition. You are invited on March 3rd to come and explore popular health trends in today's society and how these trends impact the eating disorder population and treatment.

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Former Patient Testimonial

"You have given me the opportunity to have my own life. You have given me reason to trust people. I have something to offer the world. “Gratitude” just doesn’t say enough. “Thank you” definitely isn’t enough. One day I hope to give back, to do for others what you have done for – and with – me". -former patient

Feeling Deeply is my Superpower!

It is not a flaw to be sensitive to emotions and feel more deeply or intensely than others might expect.
It is actually a wonderful thing to be able to experience the world so deeply!

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