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Located in the East Bay of San Francisco, our Reasons inpatient adolescent eating disorder treatment program at Fremont Hospital will be an intensive level of care and includes both acute stabilization and intensive therapeutic interventions for adolescents ages 12-17 with a primary eating disorder diagnosis. This program also works with adolescents with a secondary diagnosis such as mood disorder, substance abuse, or other co-occurring psychiatric concerns.

The leadership of this program will be the same trusted Reasons EDC team you have worked with in Southern California, along with local specialists from the Bay Area focused on adolescent eating disorder treatment.

Patients in this program are housed on a dedicated specialty unit in our hospital and receive structured, exposure-based eating disorder treatment from a multidisciplinary treatment team with a focus on intensive family programming in addition to addressing the individual’s medical, emotional, psychological and nutritional needs requiring 24-hour care and supervision.

Our clinical team works with the patient and family to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the unique needs of the adolescent to best promote emotional, behavioral and physiological re-regulation and stabilization to begin the process of healing and recovery.

Our medical and nursing staff monitor vital signs, laboratory test results, effects of malnourishment, and eating disorder behaviors.

Reasons’ program is based in an understanding of eating disorders within the context of anxiety. We utilize an Exposure and Response Prevention model designed upon a foundation of evidence based approaches and the current best practices in eating disorder treatment. Patients are engaged in daily exposures, intensive group therapy, and mindfulness-based experiential activities within a safe and contained milieu.

adolescent eating disorder treatmentFor Families: This program is placed in a setting and context of compassion and understanding for both the adolescent and their family members.We view family as a source of strength and support and actively engage them in their child’s treatment on a weekly basis believing they play a critical role in their child’s recovery. Parents are treated as partners in recovery and provided with education, skills, and treated with respect and care.

Program Components

 This Program Will Provide:

  • Assessment and On-going Daily Psychiatric Consultation
  • 24/7 Nursing Care and Supervision
  • Internal Medicine Consultations
  • Individual Therapy
  • Nutrition Therapy, Outings, and Exposures
  • Family Programming
  • Group Therapy
  • Somatic, Experiential and Creative Arts Therapies
  • Academic Study Hall
  • Discharge & Aftercare Planning

Please reach out to us! For admissions, please contact our Fremont Admissions Department at 844.673.2766.

For additional questions about our adolescent eating disorder treatment program, email Alyson Lischer at [email protected]