New Santa Monica Outpatient Group

Announcing Our New 8-week Outpatient Group in Santa Monica, CA

Mondays 7-8:30pm, starting 12.8.14


Reasons is now offering an 8-Week Outpatient Group facilitated by Dr. Owen Petersen to meet the needs of those active in their recovery and living in or near the west side of Los Angeles. Over 8 weeks, women and men will participate in this group intended to continue and help maintain work started in other levels of care.


Themes included for process and exploration will include:


∗ Relapse Prevention
∗ Meaning
∗ Trauma and the Malevolent Protector
∗ Shame
∗ Loss and Grief
∗ Mindfulness
∗ Interpersonal Relationships


The intention of this group is to build upon what clients have achieved in their work in individual therapy, other groups, and/or treatment centers.  Modalities include psycho-education, experiential learning, and an emphasis on the dynamics and process of the participants. These choices delivered in an intentional and fluid format are intended to provide the group with fruitful interactions and material that will keep our discussions and work progressive and lively.


Please consider joining us to enhance your efforts and successes in recovery!


For group registration, please call Alyson Merchant, IMF at 626.592.6903, [email protected]