Community Information

Reasons places high value on being a part of the community, providing education to professionals in various settings, sponsoring organizations we respect, staying connected with our alumni, and collaborating with our referral sources and family members of our patients.

For more information on these various items, please explore the information below:

Professional Network, Events, and Webinars

  • We believe in the healing nature of the therapeutic relationship and are honored to work with many skilled doctors, therapists, dietitians, and nurses in the community. To find out how to make a referral to any of the Reasons programs or consult on a case, please visit our Admissions page.
  • We offer complimentary speakers to schools and universities, health and wellness fairs, professional networking groups, and yoga studios, as well as other settings. We cover topics such as Building a Better Body Image, How to Help a Friend, Eating Disorder 101, Trauma and Eating Disorders, PCOS and Eating Disorders, What is Healthy Nutrition, Neurobiology and Yoga, and more! To get information, please contact: [email protected]

Associations and Sponsorships

  • We believe in partnering with organizations that are doing good work in the world and seeking to promote early intervention, recovery, and peace with one’s body, others, and the larger community.


  • If you are a Reasons alumni and would like to get involved, please visit our alumni page and sign up on our mailing list. We would love to stay connected to you, provide support as needed, and hear about the things you are doing in the world.

Family and Friends

  • We believe that family and friends of our patients are a vital system of support for long term recovery. Eating Disorders so often are maintained by a culture of isolation and shame so we place great importance on positive social support. We would be happy to talk and help you find support as you support your loved one in treatment.