Our Philosophy 

Reasons Eating Disorder Center is an innovative program founded on the belief that healing is a fundamental aspect of eating disorder treatment. We believe that eating disorders are rooted in and driven by anxiety and profound disruptions to the sufferers’ sense of self. We offer our patients hope rooted in the belief that they are capable of living an authentic life of meaning and connectedness. Our goal is to create a culture that nurtures the integration of body and mind through the daily practice and continual reinforcing of the balancing ideas of Doing and Being.

safety comes from challenges

We believe that the experience of successfully and directly encountering avoided or feared situations is essential to developing a sense of safety and personal agency. We provide our patients with staff and program support in using Exposure and Response Prevention approaches. We offer an array of interventions designed to aid in this process, including:

  • Normalizing eating behaviors and attitudes
    towards food and one’s body
  • Challenging and replacing maladaptive
    thoughts and behaviors
  • Graduated exposure to feared and avoided foods and situations, and teaching of alternate, healthy responses
  • Re-integrating the disconnected systems regulating
    emotions and thoughts, and the
    sensory pathways of the body.
  • Daily mindfulness and relaxation practice
  • Grounding your experience of the world in an
    improved understanding of your own emotions
    and reactions


personalized treatment

Each patient receives thorough assessments and personalized treatment plans developed by a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of which the most important member is the patient. We welcome patients with co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, bipolar or other mental health issues.

focus on wholeness and integration

We are committed to thinking beyond the symptoms to see our patients as human beings capable of engaging in courageous, difficult work in the service of healing and meaningful recovery. We provide daily opportunities to allow for the intentional, mindful experiencing of the full range of thoughts and emotions that are an integral part of everyday life.

relationships are important

A common thread through all of our interventions is transforming the nature of your relationships, not just with other people, but also to food, to your body, and to yourself. We believe eating disorder are maintained in isolation and it is through connection that healing and sustainable recovery are supported.

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