Personalized and Experiential Eating Disorder Treatment with a Trauma-Informed Approach

Eating Disorder Treatment

Located in a historic neighborhood of Los Angeles, Reasons Residential Hancock Park is the newest addition to Reasons Eating Disorder Center. It is designed for women 18 and older struggling with eating disorders, with a particular focus on those whose eating disorder symptoms have been complicated by the presence of trauma. There is a high staff to patient ratio and the care given by staff is compassionate, caring, and sensitive to individual needs. We have designed a supportive treatment environment that helps our patients achieve lasting recovery through a balance of structure and real-life challenges and practice. Our treatment philosophy emphasizes thorough assessments, a focus on wholeness and integration, specialized care for anxiety and mood disorders, the importance of relationships, and successfully completing challenges for sustained recovery.

A Trauma-Informed Care Approach is incorporated for all residents of the program:

  • A physical environment designed with sensitivity to the sensory experience
  • Therapists trained in empirically derived and empirically supported trauma specific treatment modalities
  • Staff trained in Trauma-Informed Care Approach
  • Programming that incorporates our current understanding of the somatosensory and neurobiological underpinnings of trauma and anxiety responses

In addition all residents will receive our core elements treatment:

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