Refer Your Patients for Eating Disorder Treatment

Specialized care is essential for the treatment of an eating disorder. The medical complications can be quite severe, and the emotional and behavioral components require intensive therapeutic interventions. Given the importance of early identification of eating disorders on prognosis and outcome, medical and behavioral health professionals are in critical positions to recognize and intervene with those who might be struggling.

In addition to screening for potential eating disorders and paying attention to warning signs, a key recommendation for medical and behavioral health professionals is to shift the focus of conversations away from the topic of BMI and diet towards a more balanced, weight-inclusive approach to health, wellness and nutrition. At Reasons Eating Disorder Center, we understand that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that body dissatisfaction is a major risk factor for the development of an eating disorder, and we understand the dangers of weight stigma in medical and treatment settings.

Read through our What We Treat section to learn more about the signs and symptoms of eating disorders or download our Medical Providers Guide to Eating Disorders, which contains a quick guide to spotting signs and getting patients the eating disorder treatment they need.

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Early intervention and treatment are essential to increase the person’s chance of making a full recovery. If your patient or client is showing any warning signs or symptoms of an eating disorder, an assessment will provide helpful information about the need for a higher level of care. Support is available through a complimentary evaluation with our admissions team. Call us or fill out the form below to get started.

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We Hold Hope for Your Recovery

Eating disorder recovery is not always easy, but it is possible. Let us support you in discovering not only the reasons for your eating disorder but the reasons for your recovery. To schedule a no-cost clinical consultation or for more information, please call 844-573-2766 or use our online contact form. In case of a medical emergency or crisis, please call 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.

Eating Disorder Recovery is Possible

We understand that there are reasons for your eating disorder. We’re here to stand with you during this difficult time. Let’s work together to discover the reasons for your recovery.