Virtual Outpatient Eating Disorder Care

Our virtual care programs offer a structured treatment experience with an emphasis on building supportive relationships and equipping you with the skills to maintain a lasting recovery. Start your recovery journey from the comfort of home with Reasons Eating Disorder Center.

Reasons Eating Disorder Center Adult Psychiatric

Reasons’ Virtual Care Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Program

Reasons offers virtual partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient eating disorders treatment for patients of all-genders 10 years and older. All programming is available on a virtual platform for people who are located in California.


Reasons Eating Disorder Center Team Member

Lisa Arroyas

Director of Nutrition and Virtual Services

Program Description & Services

Designed to ensure continued success in eating disorder recovery, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programming supports individual emotional and nutritional goals while also incorporating therapeutic and educational groups to address particular challenges of implementing changes into daily life. There is an emphasis on real life daily living skills for sustainable long-lasting recovery.

In these programs we are able to offer you or your loved one a unique and creative treatment experience utilizing technology and still focusing on the importance of developing relationships for healing and recovery.

These virtual care treatment programs for eating disorders can serve as a transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment, or patients can enter directly into these programs from the outpatient setting. We treat all types of eating disorders and co-occurring mental health diagnoses such as generalized anxiety disorder, depression, OCD, or trauma.

In our virtual care program, you’ll receive access to eating disorder providers including psychiatrists, therapists, and dietitians for assessment, advice, education, intervention and monitoring.

Adult PHP and IOP

Reasons’ Virtual Care partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP) is an intensive and structured program for individuals 18 years and older. You will be provided up to six hours per day of group programming in a group environment, five days per week, as well as individual psychiatry, therapy, and nutrition sessions.

Like an on-site Partial Hospitalization Program, this virtual care program provides a combination of support and structure along with real-life recovery challenges. Programming may include:

  • Group therapy, including groups such as:
    • Group process
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Dialectical behavior therapy
    • Mindfulness
    • Shame resilience and self-compassion
    • Relapse prevention and recovery skills
    • Interpersonal and communication skills
    • Goal and intention setting
    • Nutrition education
    • Body image
  • Family therapy and education
  • Nutrition therapy and education
  • Therapeutically supported meal and snacks
  • Somatic and creative arts therapies, such as:
    • Yoga
    • Dance/Movement Therapy
    • Art Therapy
  • Discharge and aftercare planning
  • Ongoing Alumni Support

What to Expect

If you choose to attend virtual care for eating disorders treatment, you can expect that:

  • The program director will meet with you, virtually, for an orientation to the program and the technology on the first day.
  • All required paperwork will be done virtually or electronically.
  • You will receive a unique log in to a patient portal where you can easily access your group sessions as well as treatment plans and weekly treatment plan updates.
  • You will be assigned an individual therapist and registered dietitian who are able to send messages to your team through the portal.
  • You will attend weekly virtual psychiatry appointments.
  • You will be able to see other participants on the group screen and still develop a sense of community and engagement with peers in the program.
  • You will be offered experiential therapies throughout the week as well as process groups.
  • Your needs will be met through collaborative and individualized treatment planning and goal setting that caters to your specific situation.
  • Each day will include a review of goals and setting intentions for the day, the week and your future free from an eating disorder.
  • There will be a strong focus on recovery skills and offering you hope for a fully recovered life.

Virtual Care Eligibility

Eligibility for virtual care will depend on your medical and behavioral health condition and geographic location. For more information regarding medical eligibility, insurance coverage and any out of pocket costs, please contact us.

We Hold Hope for Your Recovery

Eating disorder recovery is not always easy, but it is possible. Let us support you in discovering not only the reasons for your eating disorder but the reasons for your recovery. To schedule a no-cost clinical consultation or for more information, please call 844-573-2766 or use our online contact form. In case of a medical emergency or crisis, please call 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.

Eating Disorder Recovery is Possible

We understand that there are reasons for your eating disorder. We’re here to stand with you during this difficult time. Let’s work together to discover the reasons for your recovery.