Breaking the Power of Isolation

Feeling isolated is a common experience among those affected by eating disorders. In fact, if you are struggling, you might even feel that isolation helps you. It can be a method of coping with anxiety, sadness and fear. In the beginning, removing yourself from others can make you feel better even though in reality, it just leaves you alone with painful emotions.

Our team at Reasons realizes this can be a difficult time – when isolation both is helping and hurting – and that struggling alone with these feelings eventually becomes unbearable. At this point, you may yearn to reach out for help and to connect with others but don’t know how.

How Can Reasons Help?

One of the many ways Reasons creates a strong foundation for recovery is by providing a support network and challenging the isolation that often goes hand in hand with eating disorders. The nursing staff, mental health workers, diet technicians, and every staff member at Reasons strives to be with our patients in their worst moments and ensure they feel supported on their journey to recovery.

This constant support allows people to realize amazing potential of relationships they can form inside and outside of treatment. The staff members at Reasons EDC strive to make our patients feel truly cared for on the journey to recovery. The relationships formed and resources available at Reasons EDC empower patients to go out into the world with the realization that they can form strong relationships on their own. Upon leaving treatment, patients can begin to let go of isolation and form and sustain meaningful relationships to help them in their sustained recovery.

If you want to learn more about challenging isolation and making meaningful connections, call us today at 1-800-235-5570.