Our Approach to Eating Disorder Treatment and Personalized Care

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Reasons is an eating disorder program that seeks to go beyond the symptoms and behaviors associated with an eating disorder and see the individual struggling first and foremost as a human being in distress. Our approach works to address both symptoms and underlying maintaining factors as well as co-occurring disorders. Our program expertly integrates evidence-supported treatments, experiential therapies, and conceptualizes these disorders through a depth-psychological lens. We look at eating disorders as a search for wholeness and meaning and ask people to get curious about the symptom as well as learn skills and tools to manage emotions and behaviors.

We utilize a set of collaborative and personalized interactions because we understand that the meaning of wellness is different for every individual. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of treatment, this is personalized help for each patient.

We ask our patients to do challenging work with themselves, food, and other people. For example, when a patient comes into the program, we work with them to prepare a meal in the kitchen with staff, and although this can be a very frightening experience initially; we believe that this prepares them for other successes and other challenges in the future in their treatment with Reasons and beyond.

The people who we treat are surrounded by a strong community of people who come here everyday to work and ensure that our patients get well. For everyone here at Reasons, this is not just a job, this is a passion.