Reasons Nutrition Philosophy

A guiding philosophy at Reasons is the non-diet approach to nutrition and a philosophy based on neutralizing the meaning around food. Often times, those struggling with eating disorders have negative thoughts about food – putting it into good and bad categories. When someone comes to us for treatment, we begin working on creating balance, variety and moderation as opposed to categorizing foods as good or bad and focusing on healing the relationship between patients, their bodies, and food.

People who come to Reasons for treatment are encouraged to think of nutrition as medicine during their recovery and are shown the specific ways food helps to restore the metabolic process.

We offer weekly nutrition group covering topics such as exercise, digestion, dehydration, emotional eating and medical complications of eating disorders. The nutritional staff members at Reasons EDC also provide a lot of education for patients and their families about what symptoms they can expect as their bodies begin to heal.

At the higher levels of care of Inpatient and Residential, Registered Dietitians see patients twice a week and then reduce down to once a week at lower levels of care to emphasize accountability.

Regardless of whether they are below or above a healthy weight range at admittance, all patients are treated the same – we believe that everyone is in need of nutritional rehabilitation. That may look different for each person but the philosophy is the same – all food fit with balance, moderation, and variety being the goal.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an eating disorder and are wondering if Reasons is the right program for you, here are a few things our nutrition staff want you to know:

  • We understand the emotions you feel when it comes to food
  • We work from a compassionate perspective with fears
  • We encourage you to challenge your fears to feel empowered and confident and we stand alongside you, supporting you through the process
  • We believe you are capable of success and full recovery

If you want to learn more or speak to our Director of Nutrition, visit and fill out our contact form, or call us directly at 1-800-235-5570.