By, Shannon Braasch, MA Director of Business Development & Alumni Services

This year’s theme for Eating Disorders Awareness Week is, “It’s Time for Change.”

Creating change for eating disorders is an ongoing journey, but change is not easy, it can feel scary and uncomfortable. We must be vulnerable to the discomfort and be willing to take action for change, because without change there is no growth. It is important to remember that change doesn’t happen overnight and small actions can eventually add up to big change. There is a quote by Rupi Kaur “The road to changing the world Is never-ending – pace yourself” There are so many avenues to help create change, so, remember to give grace where needed, pace yourself and embrace the journey.

Reasons has put together some ways that you can create change for eating disorders:

Educate Yourself

Take the opportunity to listen to a podcast, sit in on a webinar, listen to someone with lived experience, read a book – there is so much to learn!

  • Webinars: Check out Reasons webinar on 3/3/2023 – link in our bio, Go to ASDAH for some valuable upcoming learning opportunities!
  • Connect with folx: Build your network – connect with care professionals, folx with lived experience, their families, non-profits, advocates – engage in intentional conversations, be open to new ideas, listen, ask questions, be okay with not being the expert!

Educate Others

Be understanding and show grace when educating others, remember we are combating decades of diet culture and fatphobia.

  • Speak up against fatphobia
  • Step aside for folx who represent marginalized communities to speak and bring forth information
  • Share your story
  • Write a blog, need some inspiration? Check out this blog written by Reasons Alum, Sandra
  • Combat diet talk & negative body talk
  • Use your voice on the Hill
  • Share supportive resources

Support a Non-Profit

Take some time to learn about the different non-profit organizations and what they stand for; and then align yourself with the ones that share your values and goals for change. We have included a few non-profits that you can check out list below.

Get Support

  • Join a support group
  • Meet with a care professional
  • Ask your loved ones for help
  • Be intentional with social media
    • Understand how social media influences and impacts your day to day and make adjustments where needed – block accounts, limit your use, be curious about its purpose for you
  • Reach out to a treatment program
  • Call a support hotline
    • If you are feeling unsafe and need support, reach out to the 988 Lifeline
  • Connect with peers for support

There are many ways to create change. Maybe it is practicing compassion for yourself and/or others, or actively holding space for and learning more about the direct ties of body liberation, social justice, and eating disorders. Maybe you will get involved with a non-profit that aligns with you. We want to know what ideas you have that can help create change for eating disorders!

Remember, change is hard, recovery is hard, and – it is so worth it. If you or someone you know are struggling and needing support, please reach out to our intake team who will help navigate the next steps along the recovery journey. Call us today at 844-573-2766.