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5 Ways to Show Your Body Love

In October we celebrate Love Your Body Week. But let’s be honest: your body is something to celebrate all year! The concept of loving your body can feel challenging or even impossible sometimes. But what about focusing on showing your body some love? Acts of love towards your self can [...]

October 20, 2021|

Bodies: No Edits Necessary

When apps like Instagram first released photo editing filters in 2011, they seemed relatively harmless. Boost the vibrancy in a sunset photo. Neutralize some unnatural lighting. Create a sense of drama. Tap into a retro vibe. But soon, the platform was saturated with heavily edited photos. Hashtags like #nofilterneeded and [...]

April 30, 2021|

Not One More

By Nikki Rollo, Jannie Martinez, Fiona LaRosa-Waters & Christina Martinez. Not one more person living with the experience of body shame and self-loathing. Not one more body labeled as unworthy of love. Not one more child given negative messages about their weight and shape. Not one more moment lost to [...]

February 10, 2021|

Why Group Therapy? – The Benefits of Connection

“There simply is no pill that can replace human connection. There is no pharmacy that can fill the need for compassionate interaction with others… the answer to human suffering is both within us and between us.” This premise from MISS Foundation founder and bereavement specialist, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, speaks directly [...]

January 19, 2021|

Goodbye 2020

Let’s be real. 2020 was tough. By many accounts, the past year has been one of the most challenging on record. A pandemic. A national reckoning on social and racial justice. Social distancing. Rampant wildfires. Lockdowns. A financial crisis. Isolation from family and friends. The list of 2020’s trials and [...]

December 28, 2020|

Looking Out for Loved Ones During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or is it? For some, the holiday season represents one of the most joyful times of the year. Others look upon the season with anxiety or even dread. Undoubtedly, sentiments surrounding the December holidays range anywhere from merry to morose. But for [...]

December 16, 2020|

Eating Disorders Among Those Who Serve

“This country has not seen and probably will never know the true level of sacrifice of our veterans.” – Thomas M. Smith Those who serve in the military do more for our country than most of us will ever fully comprehend. Veterans Day offers an opportunity to honor and give [...]

November 18, 2020|
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