By Nikki Rollo, Jannie Martinez, Fiona LaRosa-Waters & Christina Martinez.

Not one more person living with the experience of body shame and self-loathing. Not one more body labeled as unworthy of love. Not one more child given negative messages about their weight and shape. Not one more moment lost to fear and anxiety. Not one more individual receiving culturally incompetent care for an eating disorder.

Not one more person thinking that mental illness does not exist. Not one more provider making the mistake of not asking BIPOC questions around eating disorders. Not one more voice being silenced for speaking their truth. Not one more loved one thinking that eating disorders can be fixed by “just eating”. Not one more doctor thinking that BMI is for all individuals.

Not one more person denied treatment by their insurance company. Not one more fat joke on late night TV. Not one more space telling us our bodies are not welcome. Not one more loss for a family to endure. Not one more soul dying to be smaller.

Not one more breath will go exhaled without having given my body rest, slowness and warmth. Not one more breath will go exhaled without having honored the joy in my bones that beckons to be celebrated. Not one more breath will be spent on speaking negatively about my body, my disease or my character. Not one more moment will go without giving myself the grace to be broken and the strength to reach out for help.