Maintaining eating disorder recovery while transitioning back to college can be challenging, but with some planning and support, you can protect your progress. Here are five ways to help you safeguard your eating disorder recovery:

  1. Establish a Support System: Connect with friends, family members, a therapist, a support group or a mentor who understands your journey and can provide emotional support. Having someone to talk to when you’re feeling stressed or triggered can make a significant difference in maintaining your recovery.
  1. Plan Your Meals: College life can be busy and unpredictable. Take some time to plan your meals and snacks in advance. Ask your dietitian to help you prepare. Pack meals and snacks to take along with you so you can nourish your body when you need to. Set a regular eating schedule and include a variety of foods that support your recovery.
  1. Communicate with Roommates and Friends: If you feel comfortable, communicate with your roommates and close friends about your eating disorder recovery. This can help them understand your needs and provide a supportive environment. They can also be allies in avoiding triggering situations or encouraging positive behaviors.
  1. Create a Structured Routine: Establishing a daily routine can provide stability and reduce anxiety. Include time for meals, joyful movement, self-care, studying, socializing and rest. Having a structured schedule can minimize the chances of slipping back into disordered eating and shame spirals.
  1. Access Campus Resources: Most colleges offer a range of resources to support students’ mental and physical well-being. These may include counseling services, nutrition counseling, support groups and wellness programs. Take advantage of these resources to help you stay on track with your recovery.

Remember that setbacks can happen, but they don’t define your progress. If you do experience a setback, don’t be too hard on yourself. Reach out for support, reevaluate your strategies and continue moving forward with determination and resilience. If you find that you’re struggling significantly, consider seeking professional help to ensure your recovery remains a top priority.

About Reasons Eating Disorder Center

Reasons Eating Disorder Center is a home-like facility located in the Greater Los Angeles area of California. We offer a full continuum of inpatient, residential and outpatient programs for adults and adolescents struggling with bulimia, binge eating and other eating disorders.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our personalized treatment approach within our adult and adolescent programs.

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