Celebrating 15 Years of Compassionate Care and Integrated Programming at Reasons Eating Disorder Center

As we reflect on the past year, it brings us immense joy to share with you the remarkable journey of Reasons over the past 15 years. This milestone marks not only a celebration of our history but also a commitment to our ongoing mission of providing compassionate care and holding hope for individuals struggling with eating disorders.

15 years ago, Reasons was created as a result of the necessity for personalized and comprehensive eating disorders care. Our unique program was crafted on the premise of conceptualizing eating disorders as anxiety disorders, weaving into this approach are the crucial components of depth work, somatic therapies and exposure response prevention. This foundation has transformed over time into the robust continuum of quality care that remains central to our reasons for excellence today.

Throughout this milestone of a year, we have dedicated ourselves to continuous improvement and actively listening to the needs of our patients, their families and the professionals who trust us with their patients. This commitment is deeply embedded in our ethos, driving our efforts to enhance patient care and foster meaningful collaborations within the community.

Patient-Centric Care

Our focus on patient-centered care has been the cornerstone of our program. We have taken deliberate steps to listen to the experiences and feedback of those we serve, adapting and evolving our approach to better meet their unique needs. Through innovative therapeutic modalities and personalized treatment plans, we commit to supporting our patients on their journey to recovery.

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new role within our leadership team—the Director of Patient Experience. This strategic addition reflects our commitment to enhancing the overall quality of care. By placing a heightened focus on patient experience, we aim to foster more meaningful connections among patients and their families. We are confident that this dedicated position will contribute to a more enriching experience for everyone involved.

Collaborations and Partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration, recognizing that meaningful partnerships are instrumental in creating a holistic support system. Over the past year, we have forged new alliances with community organizations, healthcare providers and advocacy groups to strengthen the network of resources available to our patients.

We have closely listened to the professionals who refer us patients and incorporate their feedback into our program, enhancing our offerings and improving our care from admission to discharge.

Access to Care

Breaking down barriers to care is a top priority for us. Understanding the importance of early intervention, we have implemented initiatives to increase awareness, reduce stigma and provide timely access to our services. This dedication ensures that individuals seeking support can find the help they need when they need it most.

Specifically, our team works to secure single case agreements and collaborates with counties and state-funded insurance plans to secure treatment opportunities for their patients and beneficiaries.

Our gender inclusive programming continues to expand, as of today our programs include:

  • Inpatient Hospitalization for adolescents ages 12-17 and adults 18+
  • Residential Hospitalization for adults 18+ *two gender inclusive 6-bed houses and one 6-bed female identifying house
  • Virtual Partial Hospitalization for adolescents ages 10-17 and adults 18+
  • Virtual Intensive Outpatient Hospitalization for adolescents ages 10-17 and adults 18+

Support Services Enhancement

Our goal is to surround our patients with an integrated support system that nurtures their physical, emotional and mental well-being. We offer somatic integration, drama, dance movement, yoga, music and art therapy groups. This is alongside dedicated staff providing therapy, nutrition, nursing and psychiatry.

We are looking forward to providing additional services in 2024, including tube feeding in our inpatient program and increased emphasis on harm reduction approaches.

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we express our deepest gratitude to our dedicated team, collaborative partners and the resilient individuals who have entrusted us with their care. Together, we have built a community that fosters healing, growth and hope.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to our mission, eager to face new challenges and steadfast in our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by eating disorders. Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership as we continue this important work together. We welcome your feedback and open dialogue.


The Leadership Team at Reasons EDC

About Reasons Eating Disorder Center

Reasons Eating Disorder Center is a health facility that offers a full continuum of inpatient, residential and outpatient programs for adults and adolescents struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other eating disorders. We have a team of professionals with expertise that also treats trauma, substance use disorders and related psychiatric issues.

We pride ourselves on creating a personalized treatment approach with all of our patients. We use evidence based nutrition philosophy and therapy to help with our positive results. We also have a commitment to diversity and create a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Some of our services include our adult inpatient, adult residential and adolescent inpatient programs.

To schedule a no-cost assessment or for more information, please call 844-573-2766.