Reasons Alumni speak out and share their experiences of what they found were their reasons for recovery, the hurdles that they faced, and still face in recovery and what were their biggest takeaways from treatment.

Recovery is not a linear path and each individual has their own reasons that bring them to seek treatment and decide the face the journey of recovery. Our alumni bring a message of hope and inspiration but they also hold the reality of perseverance they have had to lean into in their recovery journey.

Taking the step to seek treatment is an extremely difficult decision to make. It is normal to have lots of trepidation. Often times, we put off seeking treatment until we start realizing that its our only option. We can tell ourselves all sort of stories like “I am not sick enough” or “I have this all under control”. In reality these are just rationalizations because the real work can be scary. People seek treatment for different reasons. Sometimes it is due to the strong encouragement of family members, other times its because the eating disorder has taken over so much of the individual’s life that it’s all they can see and other times, people see treatment because they are able to see hope for a better future. No matter what the reasons are to start the Recovery journey, it is incredibly brave to step into the uncertainty.

Watch to hear the Reasons Alumni’s Reasons for Recovery:

Recovery is not without challenges. It’s impossible to heal and overcome without facing the pieces of ourselves and our past that make us uncomfortable. There will be challenges in treatment, whether it is facing a difficult challenge, triggering foods or having to work through painful traumatic experiences. Its tough work in treatment and we ask you to engage in the work, struggle in the work and grow from the work. In treatment, the intention is to prepare you for life after treatment, which is guaranteed to present many challenges to recovery. Therefore, we have to ask you to walk this difficult path but the treatment team is going to be there with you. Treatment is structured to help provide the framework and support to contain unhealthy behaviors while developing new skills and ultimately transitioning responsibility back to you to build your confidence in Recovery. It is hard but it is worth it.

Reasons Alumni address Facing Challenges in treatment:

Recovery is ultimately an act of self-love. It can be hard to imagine what life will look like without an eating disorder and why it would be important to take this journey. This process can be invaluable and can bring you deeper connection to others, as well as, to oneself. Healing your relationship with your body and yourself can open you up to engage in life more fully. Its about being connected to your body, your feelings, your passions, your friends and family and to fully embrace your life’s journey.

Here are the Reasons Alumni’s Takeaways from Treatment:

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